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Videographer: David Falter


HOPE NOWAK - Who are you? Why your art?

"In a world of mass production, Hope's works serve as vehicles of introspection and solace, reminding us of the importance of authentic expression in a world inundated with noise."

My name is Maryelizabeth Hope Sherman, AKA Hope Nowak (married name not yet legally changed), and I am the owner and operator of Hope Nowak Fine Art LLC.

I’m a college graduate from the Midwest of the United States, and I studied political science, political theory, and undergraduate law. I was most intrigued by political theory and philosophy. My most sought after “page-turner” philosophers were Nietzsche and Heidegger. I was obsessively reading their style of writing rather than the subject alone. There was something missing, something obsolete about my passions in childhood, and I was discontent. That lack of connection muddled into “Who am I, and where do I go from here?”


Nietzsche's writings rummaged deep into the human psyche, dissecting the complexities of existence, and challenging social norms. This profound exploration of the pursuit of individuality resonated with me on a visceral level. It urged me to see beyond the surface and embrace the inherent chaos and beauty of life.

This fascination with philosophy, mental health, and individuality naturally led me to the arts. As you can surely guess, I began painting, in December of 2019. I was drawn to a new reality where I could express myself in an entirely new language. I dabbled with sketching, writing, and urged myself to buy cheap paints from a podunk arts and crafts store and quite literally “winged” it. I painted an owl, named Gary, after a psychotherapist - who hilariously, was named Stephen. This man, who pushed me at my most vulnerable, told me I was talented and I needed to pursue this area. A light at the end of the tunnel.

I ended up at a local vendor market in Cincinnati called Art on Vine several times until my evolution as an artist took place after studying under Evan Hildebrandt and Alison Shepard. This gradual, but somehow quick change led to being a featured artist alongside my mentors, including David Falter, and David Estep, at the Strauss Gallery. I also found myself at a black tie gala event in an expensive dress painting an abstract as their featured live painter. When I’m not hosting or partaking in an event, I do commissioned work and sell my existing paintings.

To give you a mental picture, my house is either bare or an art gallery.

Discover my world and bring it into your space. This is an ethereal plane where art meets feeling. Elevate your space with something powerful.

Contact me today, or to view works in a gallery setting, please visit:

Millcroft Gallery in Milford, OH

ARTclectic Gallery in Silverton, OH


If you’re interested in an existing piece, commission, or print - you can contact me through the contact tab or email me at the following:

Hope- (1).jpg



Photographer: JUSTIN PALMER

(LEFT) Nikki Palmer, Gallery Manager, Millcroft Gallery

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